We are not an island. But you do have to take a ferry to get here.

The Sunshine Coast is one of BC’s best secrets – a string of connected communities along the coast just 40 minutes by ferry from Vancouver. Dive into our site to EXPLORE the different communities on the Sunshine Coast… CONNECT with your tribe here… learn how to THRIVE personally and professionally… and discover how to just DO IT – and create a new life for yourself in paradise.  (If your idea of paradise is hanging out in the rainforest and playing on the beach, that is.)

Meet the Locals

The Sunshine Coast has a reputation for being home to some pretty colourful characters – for good reason. You’ll find people from all walks of life here, from real-life Relics (yep, there’s the obligatory Beachcombers reference) to successful artists and owners of tech start-ups. The one thing we share in common is a strong sense of community and connection to this beautiful place we’re lucky to call home.  Click on their image for their take on Sunshine Coast life.

Think you could live here?

Curious about what it is really like to work and live on the Sunshine Coast? We have a group of volunteers from different communities willing to connect with you and share some of the realities of life here. No sales pitch. Just an honest take. So, after looking through this site, let’s connect and see if we can help you figure out if living on the Sunshine Coast is for you.