We think the Sunshine Coast is a pretty great place to live …. to raise a family, balance work with the rest of life, explore the BC Coast, connect with community, be more creative,…But just like every smaller town, life on the Lower Sunshine Coast (from Langdale to Earl’s Cove) comes with its own unique set of challenges – and it takes a certain kind of person to be able to thrive here.

It takes a certain kind of person to thrive here

Ingredients for a happy, successful life on the Sunshine Coast include:

Your own job or business

There is a diverse business community here serving the needs of the lower Sunshine Coast market and easily reaching into the nearby regional Vancouver market and beyond.

Over the past few years we have seen local entrepreneurs and newcomers choose the Sunshine Coast as the place to grow their new business idea.

The best way to ensure you can make a living here is to bring your living with you.  Jobs that pay more than $20-25 per hour are hard to find.

If you’re a freelancer or home-based business owner who delivers products or services online, you’ll do great here. And you won’t be alone – there’s a growing tech/online business scene on the coast. High speed connection at 100 mbps are available right to your coast home.

With access to Vancouver International Airport by ferry or scheduled air service from Sechelt, it’s very easy for people who can work from anywhere to live in paradise and grow their business at the same time.


What you must be prepared to give up

There are certain things you must be willing to say goodbye to if you move to the coast. Here are the biggest things people pine for…

A ton of restaurants just around the corner

Don’t get us wrong – we have  fabulous restaurants here on the coast; we just don’t have tons of eateries, like you would find in downtown Vancouver.

Here our idea of “fine dining” is a bit different… in addition to going out to eat, life here happens around epic dinner parties, backyard barbecues with friends and family, and the open fire down at your local beach.  There’s something about eating food on the beach that makes it taste even more delicious.

Is the Sunshine Coast right for you?

Here’s a fun infographic to help you figure it out:


What kind of Coaster are you?


The people and organizations that can help you thrive

Here are just a few of the organizations and networks that would be good for you to connect with in order to find your tribe or get the support you need to start or grow a business here:

Think you might be the kind of person who will thrive here on the Sunshine Coast?

Lets connect!  We have a group of volunteers similar to you willing to share their take on life here.